A Pathway to Relaxation

Swedish Massage


Massage relaxant

Total Relaxation


This session is a Swedish Full Body Massage with effleurage, petrissage and friction. I  use a neutral carrier oil in combination with essential oil drops and a diffuser to distribute the adapted essence.

This is the ideal combination to stimulate  the release of the Oxytocyne hormone (read more about this on my blog).

50 EUR  | 1 h 

Blessure sportive

Sports Massage


In Sports Massage I focus on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive movement. 

The intake conversation enables me to tailor my work on your specific goals and needs. 

I use Swedish Massage  in combination with deep manipulation of the soft tissue.

(Only incalls)

30 EUR | 1/2 h

sels de massage

Back & Shoulder 


The session starts with Chinese Neck and Shoulder Massage before switching to Swedish Back Massage.

I frequently use some Thai Massage techniques  whilst using a  neutral or deliciously scented massage oil.

Warm compresses can be  applied at the ending of the session to obtain optimal results. (compresses are not available for outcalls).

50 EUR | 1 h


As a male,  Certified Massage  Professional specialized in Relaxation and Sports Massage, I provide a few quality sessions per week, always in an appropriate and ethical manner and I commit  to excellence.

Incalls in a cosy residence in Hoeilaart and outcalls with 10 EUR extra charges for Brussels and surroundings.

( For outcalls plz call me )

I offer treatments for your specific set of concerns that will get you feeling confident and cared for. ​

 Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs, but I must insist that only appropriate questions will be answered.

Pierres de massage

Full Body Herbal


The herbal stamp massage is an oriental massage that uses heated pouches filled with herbs. The herbs penetrate i into the skin, and thanks to their delicious scent, they also have a relaxing effect on the mind. This massage is ideal for people who often feel tensed and exhausted, both physically and mentally.

This massage can be combined with a gentle sea salt scrub, applied on more tensed muscles or on the entire body to provide a very soft  peeling. 

100 EUR  | 1 h 1/2


Black out

This is a Sensitive relaxing massage with natural scented oils, performed in total darkness to intensify all the senses of the body.


In the dark, deprived from sight, your body naturally intensifies all other senses,  thus making it much more responsive to a massage.


This is a highly tactile experience that I recommend  to all of my regular clients.


Sensitive relaxing massage with natural scented oils, performed in total darkness to intensify all the senses of the body. Drowned in the dark, your body naturally intensifies the other senses than that of sight, thus making it much more sensitive to massage ... New experience!

60 EUR / 1 h

Massage du dos

4 Hands

This  4 hands massage is performed as a synchronized full-body massage together with a female associate massage therapist and  offers a different,  even more relaxing experience.

When 4 hands are used your brain can no longer gauge the location of the therapists' hands, so after a few minutes you’ll feel fully immersed in the experience.

This form of massage can be useful for people who find it hard to “let go” during treatment.

120 EUR | 1 h

Couple Câlins sur le toit

Initiation massage


This course is designed for people interested in gaining basic knowledge in Body Massage.

It teaches the different massage techniques involved in Swedish massage. 

At the end of the 2 day course you will be able to give a basic back, hand , arm, foot & leg massage. 

The course adresses beginners  wishing to practise in couple or  with family & friends and requires a minimum of 2 participants.

Prices are per person for 2 days (2 times 4 hours).

100 EUR 

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About me

 As a brief introduction to myself I can say I always like to receive a Massage but  truly LOVE to give one. I always feel more happy and confident after receiving a massage and believe this is due to the release of hormones, more specific the oxytocine hormone. When massaging my clients I pay attention to all senses in order to facilitate the release of  this "cuddle"hormone.

 I've attended multiple classes  :

  • Ecole de massage sensitif @EMSB

  • Cosmetic Masseur @ Syntra :

       enabling me to complete my

       knowledge of anatomy, physiology

       and pathology.

  • Chinese Neck & Shoulder Massage @ Syntra.

  • Sportsmassage @ Syntra

  • Herbal Stamp Massage @ De schoonheidsschool

I'm over 40, benefit from a higher education and am a proud father of a teenager who already enjoys a regular massage. 

Kind Regards;


Contact :    +32 485 91 28 40

Mail :  oxytoxinfo@gmail.com

Charles Coppensstraat 81 1560 Hoeilaart

Tue, Thu, Fri from 19:00  till 22:00

Sat,  Sun : 9:00 - 11:00 / 14 :00 - 22:00

Incalls : Hoeilaart

Outcalls : Brussels and Flemisch Brabant (10 Eur / 15 km)

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